About Megan

Megan Pratz is a journalist and experienced editor and producer with expertise in live news, talk show and field production, as well as reporting and anchoring. She is based in Washington, DC where she focuses on national politics and international news.

She is the political editor for NPR, overseeing national political coverage with a team of reporters. In 2022, she planned and executed the network’s coverage of the midterm elections including coordinating personnel and editorial content needs across multiple shows and several days of coverage. Previously, she was political director and executive producer for the leading post-cable network, Cheddar, where she managed political content and the operations of the Washington, DC bureau. She also served as a regular correspondent and back-up anchor covering national politics. This marks a shift after several years producing international news content for the daily talk show, The Heat.

Previously, she adapted Al Jazeera’s award-winning digital news program, The Stream, for an American audience as part of the launch team at Al Jazeera America. She also produced the national PBS talk show, To The Contrary. There, she developed interviews with many prominent women across politics, entertainment and business.

She spent time as a reporter in Washington, DC, Maryland and Northern Virginia as a member of Capital News Service, a broadcast news wire. Her stories on Smith Island, medical marijuana, gay marriage and the heated health care debate were picked up by local and national news outlets. Megan is a proud graduate of the University of Maryland.