My take on Herman Cain and Ginger White

I know you’ve been DYING to know what Megan Pratz thinks about Herman Cain’s alleged affair and I will not disappoint.

A lot of speculation and news reports have wondered why Herman Cain and his alleged mistress Ginger White engaged in late night texting and phone calls. Because people don’t do that unless its a booty call right? And why would Cain give White money, something he admits to, if he weren’t sleeping with her?

Well, I have your answer. At least, I believe I have an explanation as to what may have caused all of these events. They’re in AA. Or NA. Or whatever -A group.

The basic principles of Anonymous groups are simple. They are anonymous. That means, you don’t talk about the group outside of the group. And many people in these 12-step programs have sponsors to help them through recovery.

So here’s what I think. I think Herman Cain is Ginger White’s sponsor. He is there for her as she struggles with sobriety, even offering a helping hand (in the form of money) when life gets to be too much. It makes sense right? When one of them is jonesing, they call the other for support and help.

That means Cain cannot talk about the group, or the people in it, outside of the group. Which explains his erratic and confusing behavior. Which is worse? Being a male chauvinist (“boys will be boys”) or having a substance/behavior addiction? Obviously, as a candidate for president, being a womanizing jerk is better. See Bill Clinton.

Now why would White speak out with these damaging allegations if they weren’t true? Simple really. Cain stopped the money flow. He cut her off, as addicts often must be cut off, to get healthy.

Makes sense right? I think so. Either that or he’s simply a cheater. But it will make next week’s meeting VERY awkward.

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