Becoming a gamer

My husband loves video games. And I don’t mean, “yeah, he likes to play after work.” No. My husband played video games for 10 hours yesterday. The same game for 10 hours.

Please don’t think I’m being critical. I’m not. I enjoy reading and getting out the house. He enjoys playing a computer game with circa 1985 graphics.

Now, I hate video games. I’ve never had a video game console, they were not a part of my childhood. I think they are a huge waste of time, with a few exceptions. When I was a teenager my little sister got as PS2 and Dance Dance Revolution and I loved that game. Ditto Guitar Hero. And then Rock Band. I can also get into some Wii Just Dance. But I prefer other things.

But in an effort to bridge the divide I feel video games cause in my life (he does not feel this way, needless to say), I finally allowed a video game console into our home. Yes, I’m the proud owner of an XBox 360, though we don’t yet have Kinect, which I hear, signifies our true gamer status.

With our XBox 360 (from his parents) came about 15 games. All except 3 were shooting games. I may be trying to close the gap, but I draw the line at shooting lifelike people in various war/gang war/fantasy war situations. So we settled on the relatively safe Madden NFL. But, the XBox has been so unloved while J has been at school and now married that our newest version of Madden is from 2008. We hadn’t even met. Deuce McAllister was still in the National Football League. But I digress, I sat down with my controller and tried to learn this game.

He beat me. Soundly. The first game I held my own, but the second he literally made every one of his players fall down on the field so I could get some touchdowns. That’s love, man.

Later, he caught me playing by myself. Little does he know, I’m just trying to get good enough to win.

So what did I learn? I learned that video games do not hold my attention like they can his. I get bored in the first quarter of the game and wish we could just stop. J won’t give up until the very end. The bitter end. When his wife is freaking out because the score is 45 to 0.

I’m not sure video games are for me. The next step? Kinectimals (Now with Bears!). J thinks if I can pet cute animals with our nonexistent Kinect, I’ll stop complaining about his daily gaming ritual. He’s probably right. They are so damn cute. I’m also pushing for Dance Central because it seems like an even better version of my original favorite: Dance Dance.  But I’ll also try Madden NFL 2012 (bringing us into this decade). Because it’s kind of fun to play with my husband. Just don’t tell him I said so.

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